1.5. Création de Connexion


1.5.1. Creating Connection

It's time to connect to a database. One can create a connection, using necessary data or import a connection.


To create a connection: Go to the Connections tab; Click the Add button; Type in the connection name SUPPORT, press Enter; Click the left mouse button on a created connection - a list of connection settings is displayed in the right pane; In the field DBMS Type choose 0-PostgreSQL; In the field Server of the section Database Server type in the IP-address or the hostname of the selected server; In the field Port of the section Database Server type in the port of a selected server (default - 5432); In n the field User of the section Database Server type in a username that has access to the database support; In the field Password of the section Database Server type in the password for the selected user; In the field Database of the section Database Server type in support; In the field Scheme of the section Database Server type in public; Click the button Test Connection - if connection is successful, the message "Connection successful" should appear. If there is no connection, you get the message to verify your computer's local network settings;
 Click OK.



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1.6. Exporting Connection