4.5. Ajout des Objets Créés


4.5.1. Adding Created Objects

You can connect the created objects to the workspace and check out their work.

For convenience you may combine these objects into a folder: Open the context menu by right-clicking on folder 4.Objects; Select New Folder; In the window Properties in the field Folder Code type in 2, in the field Folder Name type in Reference; Open the context menu by right-clicking on folder 2 Reference; Select Add object; In the field Object select table 1301 Customer; In the same way add objects 1101 Status type and 1201 Comment type; Move the mouse pointer onto the object 1401 User in the folder 4.Objects; Press the left mouse button and, without releasing it, move the object 1404 User to the folder 2 Reference; Release the left mouse button; Open the context menu of a folder 2 Reference; Select Refresh.




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