8.2. Création de l'Objet 1210 Fichiers


8.2.1. Creating Object 1210 Files 

A separate table is provided for storing files in the information system.

To create an object 1210 Files: Select Menu > Configuration In the appeared window, click Yes In the Configuration Development window, in the Connection field, select the SUPPORT connection; In the Password field, enter 1111 Click Configure; Open the folder 2.Objects; Call the context menu of the folder 1200 Comments by right-clicking the mouse; Select New Object > Table In the Properties window, in the Object Code field type in 1210, in the Object Name field type in Files




8.2.2. Grid Design

To change the table: open object 1203 Latest Comments for modification by double-clicking the left mouse button; 



Note: if you want to study grid design process in detail, follow the steps - If you already know how to do this, skip the steps - and go to the step In the field Data Source specify the object - vw_files; In system fields Record ID, Date & Time (Created), Date & Time (Updated), Date & Time (Closed), User ID, select accordingly fields file_id, dttmcr, dttmup, dttmcl, userid; Open the context menu by right-clicking in the empty space of the object, choose Add a column and select column filename Select each column by clicking the left mouse button on any line of the table, specify in the field Caption the displayed name of the column - File; Move the mouse pointer over the right edge of the column header; Click the left mouse button and, without releasing it, change the width of the column; Select the column and in the field Auto Size specify the value 1-Yes - column size will vary depending on the free space of the screen; In the fields Allow Additions, Allow Editions, Allow Reading, Allow Deletions select 0-No In the Links to Objects field, click the Advanced button; In the appeared window call the context menu; Select the item Add Connection In the Object field, select the table 1202 Comments (base); In the Linking Field (FK) field, select comment_id Click OK



Note: If you followed the steps -, skip steps - and go to step Download the file archive containing the settings of objects; Extract the files from the downloaded archive; Open the context menu by right-clicking in the data area; Select Import settings from the file; In the appeared window specify the path to the file 1210_Table_1; Click the Open button;


All table settings will be imported. Save changes by selecting Menu > Save or by clicking the appropriate button in the toolbar; Close the object by clicking on the corresponding button. 



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